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BBSfinder Software
Bf Connect
Bf Connect is the dynamic update software for BBSfinder. It is a small app that resides in the system tray. Every 5 minutes it sends an "I'm alive" signal to the BBSfinder servers which refreshes your listing in the directory. By: nullvalue

Windows 98/Me/2K/XP (1.5mb)
Bf Connect
This version is for sysops who run their bbs under the OS/2 operating system. By: Shawn

OS/2 (16kb)
Bf Connect
This is a Javascript version of Bf Connect for Synchronet sysops. By: echicken

Win32/*NIX (3.5kb)
Bf Connect
(Perl Script)
This is a perl-script version of Bf Connect for linux/unix sysops. By: Z

*NIX (1kb)
BBS List Door
This is a BBS Door for Windows systems that will list online BBS's and allow you to telnet directly to any of them from within the door itself! By: nullvalue

Windows 98/Me/2K/XP/Vista (368kb)

Telnet Clients
Qodem Qodem is a Qmodem clone for Linux. The ANSI emulation is great and comperable to your experiences during the DOS era.

*NIX (626kb)
mTelnet mTelnet is a telnet client for OS/2 and Windows that has Z-Modem, Backscroll and a Phonebook. Its great for telneting to bbs's!

Windows 98/Me/2K/XP + OS/2 (138kb)
NetRunner Console mode telnet client for Windows. Features ANSIBBS and VT102 emulation, batch ZModem, scripting language, macros, multi phone books, book sorting, mTelnet book inporting, 1000 line scrollback and more!

Windows 98/Me/2K/XP (78kb)
XP Color Fix This is a .reg file for Windows 2000/XP which fixes the console colors in a command shell to look like they used to in DOS. This file is also included in the NetRunner archive.

Windows XP (15kb)