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BBSfinder is *FREE* to join. All that is required is creating a new user account.

With that said, BBSfinder does have rules and regulations that apply to all that use the service.

BBSfinder Rules, Regulations and Conditions.

BBSfinder and it's staff will NOT assist you in any way, shape or form in setting up any facet of a BBS.
Our software has been tested and we have found it to be operational and non-malicious. Use it at your own risk.
ANY user who abuses the offerings of BBSfinder (Website, Software, Services), will be banned - permanently.
One account per BBS. Abusers will be banned.
The staff and administrators of BBSfinder reserve the right to refuse anyone access to the service, terminate anyones account and, ban anyone from the service as they see fit.
These rules, regulations and conditions can change with out notice.

By creating an account at BBSfinder, you are hereby agreeing to the rules, regulations and conditions as stated above.