Resident gets ‘snobby’ note from neighbour reminding them they live in posh area now

A snooty resident has been labelled a snob after reminding their new neighbour that they now live somewhere posh – and not in their old area any longer.

The unhappy person scribbled the letter complained about the “disgusting language” they had heard over the weekend.

The note was sent anonymously to the household in Kingswood, Hull.

Writing to their neighbour, the person wanted to point out that they “are now on Kingswood, one of the best places to live – not Preston Road!”

They shared the letter in a Kingswood community Facebook group, HullLive reports.

The post reads: “Come home to this letter posted anonymously with a stamp, what a lovely community. Anyone want to own up?”

The post seems to have divided people living in Kingswood. “What an absolute snob,” said one resident.

“What’s wrong with Preston Road? I lived there when I was younger (snobs),” said another. One person said people should be able to do and say what they want in their own property.

Another said: “Some sad sad folk, it’s Kingswood not Buckingham Palace. And FYI nothing wrong with Preston Road, maybe if they grew up in a community like that they wouldn’t be posting anonymous letters. SAD.”

Another resident was in agreement and said: “Won’t be allowed to f**t next. Never knew Kingswood was as posh as Buckingham Palace. Whoever wrote the letter needs to get a grip.”

But not everyone sided with the newcomer.

Some residents were in agreement with the letter writer.

One person posted on the community group: “Maybe mindful about your language, not everyone appreciates hearing it.”

Another said: “Don’t agree with anonymous letter at all… however if it was my neighbours I would just politely ask them to watch their language (if loud and outside” as I have a young child that I wouldn’t want hearing it.”