Daisy to make her royal debut in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

An incoming update for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will add Daisy and Shy Guy to the game’s frenzied pitches.

This free update, which will be available on 21st July, will also bring a new stadium called Desert Ruin and additional Knight gear to tackle the game’s frantic football frays (say that three times quickly after a few drinks!).

Tom was left underwhelmed by Battle League on its release, calling it a “stripped back entry” in Nintendo’s sports series.

“It’s hard to look at the slim package of modes on offer right now compared to something like Rocket League, that other non-football football game, then factor in Nintendo’s typical boxed Switch game RRP, and still be able to recommend Battle League for a quick kickabout,” he wrote at the time.

However, he did note that updates, such as this upcoming one, would be made available throughout the game’s lifespan. Hopefully these will do something to perk up gameplay for those that have similarly been left feeling a little disappointed by Battle League’s initial offerings.