New Bills stadium will be “intimate and intimidating” (for those who can get in)

When the Bills Mafia gather at their next social club, the goal will be to make the experience more anti-social for the opposition.

Michael Petro the Buffalo News takes a closer look at how the new Buffalo venue will look and feel.

Scott Radecic, a former Bills linebacker who works for the stadium’s architect, told Petri that the new stadium will be “intimate and intimidating.”

It will be bigger, by 450,000 square feet (including the concourse areas). But it possibly will hold 10,000 fewer fans, at a total capacity of roughly 60,000. The footprint will be smaller, but the stands will be more stacked, making the seats steeper and higher (by 50 feet).

“I know our owner has said that he wants every team that comes to play in this stadium to say, ‘I hate going to Buffalo to play’ and that’s what we’re trying to do from a design standpoint,” Radecic said.

If the place holds 10,000 fewer fans, there will be 10,000 people who surely aren’t thrilled about that. But don’t be surprised if that trend continues. Smaller capacity means lower overall operating costs. And, for the 10,000 to 20,000 worst seats in the house, the reduced revenue hit is more easily absorbed.

Ultimately, all that matters is profit. And stadiums could end up being just as profitable if the cheap seats get chopped out of the building.